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Innovative and comfortable material

WIEMSPRO revolutionizes the electro-stimulation suit by removing all visible cables to provide maximum freedom of movement.
During the development process, only the best and most advanced materials were selected to create totally innovative suits. Our WIEMSPRO system is state of the art!


La nouvelle technologie d'électrostimulation est axée sur l'électrostimulation esthétique. Une solution beauté et bien-être qui permet de travailler à la fois la tonification et le remodelage du corps dans la même séance.


La combinaison d'électrostimulation Slim Plus est la dernière technologie d'électrostimulation pour les professionnels et est conçue pour offrir un plus grand confort pendant l'entrainement avec un maximum de résultat.

Easily adjustable outfit thanks to its hook system. It allows stability during all your movements during your workouts. Ideal for coaches.


Individual, personal and modular outfit, it consists of two elements with a top and a bottom adapted to your morphology. More flexible and thinner, it allows you a total amplitude allowing you to move in all lightness. Bring your own outfit to all your workouts.

The composition of the outfits:

A combination

Extensions for arms, thighs and calves​

A generator attached to the outfit

An iPad connected via Bluetooth to the generator

Certified training


The low impulses are generated by a device (generator) and transmitted via electrodes located on the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses mimic the action potential demanded by the central nervous system thus causing a muscle contraction.

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1.Who are Wiemspro EMS electrostimulation devices for?


Wiemspro electrostimulation suits are already used by top athletes (see our ambassadors), and are accessible to everyone:

  • Women and men, whatever their sporting level, who want to build muscle more easily, whether for abs muscle building, to tone the thighs, to build the glutes, to build up their pecs… you have understood it, technology ems Wiemspro allows a complete deep muscle training
  • Women and men looking to lose weight or increase muscle mass
  • Women and men who lack the time to practice regular physical activity in the gym or at home and who want to build muscle and strengthen their muscle fibers in depth 
  • To all top-level sportswomen and athletes who wish to improve their physical condition and increase their performance 
  • For people in post-rehabilitation and health professionals who wish to effectively support their patients

The effectiveness of electrostimulators no longer needs to be proven!

2.Can Wiemspro electrostimulation devices help me lose weight easily?

Wondering if electrostimulation makes you lose weight? The answer is simple: Of course! EMS suits allow you to obtain results quickly whether it is for muscle building or for burning fat. If you're looking for a way to lose belly fat or melt hip fat, look no further. The EMS electrostimulation sessions are intended for: 

  • Women who wish to lose weight: to have a flat stomach, refine your figure, lose your cellulite, reduce your saddlebags, regain your pre-delivery body...
  • Men who want to melt fat: lose weight in the lower abdomen, lose their love handles, slim their arms, strengthen their abdominal muscles...

As you will have understood, with Wiemspro, you will obtain an increase in production and improved results of around 30% to 50%. Always at the forefront of innovation, our technology is the most advanced on the market. Its wireless connection allows you to train anywhere and anytime. There are no limits. Forget the magic formulas such as diets that make you lose weight quickly with very low calories or miracle foods to lose weight and opt for a practice of sport tenfold, you will notice a before/after electrostimulation. 

3.Where can I practice electrostimulation?

You can train with the EMS suits from anywhere! Electrostimulation training can be carried out from Lille to Nice, via Paris or Bordeaux or Toulouse, indoors or at home, we distribute our electrostimulation combinations throughout France.

4.What exercises can I do with electrostimulation?

Absolutely everything ! You can work abs, glutes, arms, thighs, back…all muscle parts of the body. You can work on your cardio and endurance, perform muscle and joint warm-ups, do sheathing, squats or pull-ups. It's a real gym for the body! But don't forget the recovery, which is very important in order not to get injured.

5.What is the price, how does it work and how do I order?

Our muscle electrostimulation devices are the most advanced on the market, for ordering details do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page. Electrostimulation has a price, and you can find different comparisons on the internet. Our technology is affordable to everyone. Upon receipt you will get a user manual to know how to use it, how to place the EMS electrodes and how to use the electrostimulators. Follow us on social networks to read the opinions on electrostimulation from our community!