Do you have heavy legs or problems with water retention?


Pressotherapy is the ideal solution.

Thanks to its drainage system, pressotherapy helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

What is Pressotherapy?

It is a medical technique to treat various vascular problems. In principle used in the context of lymphatic drainage or to improve blood flow in patients with circulatory system imbalances.

How does pressotherapy work?

It uses the principle of action of lymphatic drainage, namely pressure exerted on the body, from bottom to top. But instead of being carried out with the hands, the pressures are exerted here with pressotherapy devices. These devices come in the form of a belt (for the stomach), sleeves (for the arms) or boots (for the legs) connected to an air compressor and fitted with small tires that will inflate one after the other. the others, in order to exert more or less strong pressure at regular intervals, continuously or sequentially depending on the desired effect on the targeted areas.

To use electrostimulation as a method for pressotherapy? 

Replace conventional pressotherapy methods with electrostimulation. It is a fast, effective and visible method that promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


The EMS system consists of muscle stimulation by low or high frequency electrical impulses that allow the muscles to work in depth.


Thanks to the WIEMSpro system you can move the electrodes easily over the areas to be treated. But also choose the most suitable and effective program according to the pain and each person.


No more heavy legs and water retention problems thanks to electrostimulation pressotherapy.